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Energy Star

Bonterra literally translates to "Good Earth".

We are committed to constructing our homes in a socially responsible manner that helps to preserve the environment for future generations. 


Conserved Energy

Homes earning the Energy Star label use 20-30 percent less energy than typical new homes, and even more when compared to resale homes.


Comfortable Living

Reduced Leaks and Drafts Comprehensive air sealing, quality-intstalled insulation, and high performance windows and doors maximize warm and cold spots. 


Improved Indoor Air

A fresh-air system provides controlled amount of outdoor air. 


Lower Utility Bills

Energy Star certified homes deliver approximately 20% saving on annual utility bills. 


Environmental Protection

Energy Star certified homes help to prevent air pollution. 


Enhanced Performance 

Comfort is ensured with consistent temperatures between and across rooms. 


Global Equipment

Together, families who purchased Energy Star Certified homes save more than $350 million each year on their utility bills. 


Read Bonterra Builder’s Green Story

Take a tour behind the walls of an ENERGY STAR home. Learn what sets us apart. 


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